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April 2016

Holtzclaw Lecture Series

As part of a recently announced National Endowment for the Humanities grant, “The Black Man’s Burden: William H. Holtzclaw and the Mississippi HBCU Connection,” the Humanities Department at Hinds Community College’s Utica Campus, the Mississippi Humanities Council and the Margaret Walker Center, will co-sponsor a series of public talks in the Holtzclaw Lecture Series.

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Clarion-Ledger Features Holtzclaw Talk

Check out today’s article in the Clarion-Ledger for news about our upcoming lecture series.

Moses’ Creative Conflict in African American Thought

Our March seminar focused on Wilson Moses’ Creative Conflict in African American Thought, an in-depth examination of several key figures which challenges a simplistic reading of these individuals as either heroes or villains. We discussed the prologue which builds on the idea of “reconciling conflicts between proponents of opposing ideas and internal conflicts in individual speakers.” Given that all of us have these internal conflicts, it’s no surprise to see them in our heroes, but it can be disconcerting. Continue reading “Moses’ Creative Conflict in African American Thought”

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