We’ve kicked off our next offering of Introduction to the Humanities with an excellent group of students. This term, we have students pursuing projects in a wide variety of areas related to Holtzclaw and his work. We have several teams investigating the history of basketball on the campus. They’re making plans to conduct oral history interviews with members of the Sports Hall of Fame who were at Utica in the 50s,60s, and 70s. We have a student who is working on publishing the historical tour app which was started last semester and another who is working on annotations for Black Man’s Burden.

Several students who worked on projects last semester are now preparing to present their work at the Mississippi College-Tougaloo Undergraduate Research Symposium in March. We’re excited to see where the semester takes us!

In a recent session, students analyzed Chapter 5 of Black Man’s Burden to create a chronology of events leading Holtzclaw from Snow Hill to Utica.